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Worship Overview

Saturday Evening Worship

Beginning at 5:30pm, this is a non-traditional service of Holy Communion and the Spoken Word.

Sunday Morning Worship

Starting at 9:00am, this worship service is a traditional service of Holy Communion.

Sunday School

At 10:20am on Sunday, this begins with a social time of cookies and juice or coffee and donuts (season dependent) followed by classes for all ages.

Who We Are

We are a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and as such part of the Lower Susquehanna Lutheran Synod.

As one family of faith, within the entire body of Christ, we have striven to be an active Godly witness since our first worship service in 1863. As the first “English” speaking Lutheran Church in Hanover we have continued to grow in the faith. Through a war that divided our country, through World Wars and the great depression, through the surge of the technology age and into the twenty-first century we have stood as a house of the Lord in worship, in education, in community support, and worldwide relief. We are proud of that great heritage and our Lutheran foundation as we continue to serve in response to God’s love, by meeting spiritual needs, caring for the physically or spiritually sick, advocating for dignity and seeking justice for all people.  

What We Believe

As a church of the Lutheran reformation, we hold that we are baptized members of the church of Christ, responding in faith to the call of the Holy Spirit through the Gospel. This congregation stands in all faithful means upon the inspired Word of God written in the canonical Old and New Testaments. Additionally we accept the Apostles’, Nicene and Athanasian Creeds and the unaltered Augsburg Confession of 1530 as true declarations of the faith and teachings of this congregation.

St. Mark Vision

St. Mark is called to love as God has first loved all!

  • To accept all people as children of God, loved by the Father.
  • To seek to inspire all people to live a faithful journey of blessings.
  • To use every means possible to worship and praise the Lord in this community and beyond.
  • To be grounded in the teachings of the Lutheran faith as it applies to the 21st century.
  • To serve and love the member and the stranger equally in the peace of God.

Our Constitution

For those who want to read our church's constitution, please click this link:

History of St. Mark Lutheran


Hanover was founded by Scots-Irish Col. Richard McAllister but settled predominantly by German people--first church was St. Matthew Lutheran Church in 1743.


Dec. 19, 1863, one month after Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, group of Lutherans wanted to start a church with services spoken in English instead of German.

Jan. 1863, Carlisle St. chosen as location.

July 20, 1864, cornerstone laid.

March 11, 1865, Rev. Monroe J. Alleman became first minister to new congregation.

Aug. 12, 1865, care of tower clock given over to Borough Council--regulating lives and businesses of Hanover for over 90 years.

Sept. 24, 1865, St. Mark Lutheran Church formerly dedicated.


1868-1875  Rev. George Parson

1876-1883  Rev. Daniel Schindler


Mar. 8, 1883, congregation voted to enlarge existing structure to install a pipe organ

End of 1883, William Grumbine presented a 2,028-pd. bell manufactured by J. Regester and Sons, Baltimore, to St. Mark. This bell had been rung for Oriole festival parades and preceded torchlight procession of floats and parade groups each year--1881-1883.  On Dec. 3, 1883, it became a much beloved voice to generations within range of its resonance.

1884-1887  Rev. George Scholl.

Feb. 24, 1884, annex completed


1887-1912 Rev. Charles M. Stock


Summer 1906, tubular chimes installed in church tower


1912-1925 Rev. George W. Nicely

June 7, 1914, cornerstone laid for another building expansion--4-manual organ was installed, built in Boston--the first 4-manual organ in Hanover!!!


1923-1924, St. Mark church expanded further by purchasing more adjacent properties

1925-1953 Rev. Dr. John S. Tome

1929, the congregation decided to grow and needed to move but Depression interfered.


1936, Howard E. Young established the J. S. Young Memorial Fund to build new church but plans stalled due to Depression and World War 2.


1953-1968 Rev. Edgar D. Ziegler 

September 1954, plans started to sell Carlisle Street property and purchase current location. The cornerstone was laid on October 20, 1956.

St. Mark Bell, after 75 years of service, sent to McShane Bell Foundry for reconditioning. June 27, 1958, the bell was restored to the new tower.

Organ also needed refurbishing and it was sent to M. P. Moller Co. in Hagerstown, MD. Upon its return, the new console and main organ were situated in the choir loft at the new St. Mark in November. Christmas Eve 1958 marked first services held in the nave.


1968-1976 Rev. Ray E. Blanset. Growth during his tenure allowed for 2 assistant pastors.

1977-1980 Rev. Gerald A. Krum (historical records make reference to lots of "struggles" during this time resulting in loss of 2/3 of the congregation)


1980-1985 Rev. William H. Beck

1985  St. Mark was under Synod Administration with two temporary ministers:

1985-1986 Rev. Ronald E. Pierson

1986-1988 Rev. Glenn D. Miller

1989 Rev. Eric B. and Rev. Joanne P. Stenman because pastors until 2006


2001 Weekly communion was started. Saturday evening worship for summer months was started and made it a full-time worship as participation increased.

Jan. 1, 2008 Rev. Kirk A. Griffin


Jan. 2013 St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church of McSherrystown joined with St. Mark

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